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June 24 & June 25, 2022

DECIMATE METALFEST 2.0 certainly presented its fair share of challenges, but thanks to the love of metal, a wonderful community, absolutely epic bands and the best of fans, we have persevered into another year!

DECIMATE METALFEST 2022 will take place over the weekend of June 24th, 25th and in High River, Alberta, Canada and will include an All-Ages component again this year! We encourage bands of all ages to apply for the festival! Camping and amenities nearby! (More detail to come!)


"DECIMATE is the brainchild of Sloan Voxx of Voxx Promotions, which is destined to become an annual Canadian metal pilgrimage to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. With the many yearly festivals becoming part of the national metal heritage, Sloan wants DECIMATE to become one of the best-known events alongside the various festivals located within Alberta, and Western Canada. With Voxx Promos booking and promotional experience, and the support of metalheads internationally, there is nothing to stop them from reaching their goal of bringing in the masses and putting on incredible metal festivals for years to come!"

(Writing Credits: Sloan Voxx & Ingrid Newton)


DECIMATE METALFEST 2020/2021 consisted of 2 Mini-Festivals brought to you safely during the pandemic at High River Brewing Company and Shakers Roadhouse. Bands included: Illyrian (Calgary), Dislpay of Decay (Edmonton), The Unending (Kelowna), SYRYN (Calgary), The Outlaws of Ravenhurst (Calgary), Dorians Mirror (High River), Me Three (Calgary), WthCnvctn (Edmonton), Rising Sun (Edmonton), Sugarwash (Edmonton), Gratuitous Platypus (High River), Balrogath (Calgary), School of Rock (Calgary South) (-18), Mixed Blame (High River -18), Cale Michael (Calgary) and 2021's mini fest Emceed by Aaron Redditt.

DECIMATE METALFEST 2019 certainly posed its fair share of challenges, but in the end, it persevered and was a great success! Huge thanks to Border Crossing and Blind beggar Pub for stepping up and helping us at the last minute!

Decimate 2.0 consisted of:
Into Eternity (Regina / Sask / Edmonton), Hammerdrone (Calgary), Planet Eater (Regina) , Centuries of Decay (Toronto, ON), Immunize (Edmonton), Tortured Saint (London, ON), Technical Damage (Vancouver, BC), Balrogath (Calgary), Pelican Death Squad (Calgary), Quietus (Edmonton), SYRYN (Calgary), KOSM (Vancouver)
Ophelia Falling (Vancouver), Greybeard (Calgary), Subsume (Calgary),
Hazzardous Material (Calgary), (Persephone Bleeds / Addy Autopcy / Hazzard), 
Born For Tomorrow (Calgary), ChaosBeing (Calgary), Chained by Mind (Calgary),
Flashback (Calgary -18), School of Rock Calgary South (Performance Band -18),
Empty Visionaries (Calgary), In Ruin (Sask), Revanchist (Lethbridge), Lacerator (Edmonton -18), Vexerity (Calgary)


DECIMATE METALFEST 2018 (inaugural year) proved to be a great success showcasing the talents of: 

Ninjaspy (Vancouver, BC), Widow's Peak (Calgary, AB), NYLITHIA (Vancouver, BC). Blackwater Burial (Vancouver, BC), For A Life Unburdened (Medicine Hat, AB), ChaosBeing (Calgary, AB). Citizen Rage (Calgary, AB), Insurrection (Gatineau, QC) Pecado (Calgary, AB), Sludgehammer (Toronto, ON), Gatekeeper (Vancouver, BC),

Accostal (Calgary, AB), The Order of Chaos (Edmonton, AB), BLQ - Benevolent Like Quietus (Calgary, AB), ODINFIST (Armstrong, BC), Tessitura Official (Edmonton, AB), Illyrian (Calgary, AB), SYRYN (Calgary, AB), Filth (Shelby, NC), WORLD CLASS WHITE TRASH (Calgary, AB), Insvrgence (Austin, TX), From The Wolves (Calgary, AB), Loser (Detroit, MI) and Detherous (Calgary, AB)!

DECIMATE 3 promises to be bigger and better than the executed festival next year and we hope to be able to include bands and attendees of ALL AGES! 

Festival organizer Sloan Voxx comments:
“We are so excited to be embarking on the adventure of starting our very own Music Festival! We’ve been very fortunate to have worked with so many incredible people and bands in the past and we value them so much. What better way to spend a weekend than to bring them all together for 3 days of epic music and entertainment! We have a great team on board and we can’t wait to get this fest off the ground with the help of seasoned and up-and-coming metal bands of all kinds! Let’s do this! DECIMATE!

Previous sponsors included:
New Level Brewery, High River Brewing Company, Paralyzer Productions, School of Rock Calgary South, Border Crossing Calgary, Blind Beggar Pub, Calgary Beer Core, Distortion - Live Music VenueAsher Media Relations, Kiss My Grits - YYC, Big Rock Brewery, Steam Whistle Pilsner, Metal Master Kingdom,, SANE Clothing, A-Bomb Photography,, Metal Devastation Radio, Broken Neck Radio, Absolute Underground Magazine, Sloth Records, The Fourth Apparel, CJSW 90.9 FM, Rock Bottom - Cjsw 90.9FM, BeatRoute (AB), Metal Nation Radio, RavenKin Photography, A-Bomb Photography

If you are interested in helping sponsor DECIMATE, please contact us at:
For more info:



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