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Studio Services

Here at RedBlack Recording, we love music, so it doesnt matter to us what genre of music you play , we just want to make you sound AMAZING 

We are a home studio based out of High River Alberta, and we have a wide range of recording options available - from mobile recording, where we come to you, to the ultimate professional studio environment, we can cover any projects needs and budget!!!!!


$35 per Hour

Recording In Studio High River

We have an open concept studio in our owners basement in High River (just 1/2 hour south of YYC). This Studio was designed to sound AMAZING. We can offer professional quality recordings at a fraction of the cost of bigger studios in Calgary and surrounding areas.
*Package Deals Also Available

Getting ready for what should be a very rad session!!!

$65 per Hour

Mobile Recording

How would you like to record your band in the comfort of your own jam space??? We offer this option as well, we have a mobile studio fully equipped to record any project and capture the best performance possible, all from the comfort of your own home!!!
*Package Deals Also Available


$35 Per Hour

Additional Instrumentation

Are you a singer songwriter who wants to make a full production album??? Are you wondering what your song needs to take it to the next level??? Our producers are multi instrumental and singers  and we have a wide variety of session players at our disposal to help you realize your vision!!! Come in with an idea and leave with a completed song!
*Package deals also available


$35 per Hour

Mixing And Editing

All of our mixing and editing is done at RedBlack Studios in High River Alberta in a sound treated environment. If you have a track you need mixed or edited or both!!! Send it our way, we can get it done for you quickly and With a very high quality result.


$50 - $100 per Track


All mastering is done @ RedBlack Studios in High River AB. Is your song sounding Flat or “Not full or loud enough”????? Send your track over to us and we will add some magic to it for you to give it that real “Radio Quality” Feel!! $50 - $100 per track.


$35 Per Hour

Post Production Services

DIALOGUE REPLACEMENT, FOLEY, POST PRODUCTION SOUND, COMPOSING, SOUND TO VIDEO : We offer all post production services and would be happy to work out a deal for you if you have a bigger project that needs to be done. Please call us or email for additional details on post production services!!!!
Live off the floor youtube videos with professional quality sound also available.

Did some recording with this babe today!!

$35 per Hour

Composing / Scoring

Have a Commercial? Video Game ? Full length movie???? Do you need music to accompany it to add emotional depth and help increase suspense or action or emotion??? We offer musical composition as well as Scoring for Any and all projects that might require it !!!! please contact us today to take your project to the next level. ( We also offer sound to video and full post production Services as well)

New cover song coming this weekend!!! Stay tuned 🙂 Hayden Brown Taylor McPhail
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